Killer,Alice Cooper -50 Years Later Various Artist Pale Wizard Records be

Killer 50 year later –Pale Wizard

On November 27, 1971, the original Alice Cooper Band released their fourth studio album “Killer”. On November 27, 2021 exactly 50 years later, Bath based label Pale Wizard will release Killer -50 years later. This will be the first in a new series that revisits albums 50 years later.

Revisiting an album that Johnny Rotten of The Sex Pistols called “the greatest of all time” is not an easy task. Pale Wizard founders Tim Hilleard and Dan Flitcroft really took great care in putting this together and the end results are straight genius.

The lead single off the record is Grand Mal’s version of “Be My Lover” which you can hear Here Spoiler alert …. It rocks !

Whether you are a die hard Alice Cooper fan or are discovering the music for the first time, this album is a must.

When “Killer” was first released in 1971, there was a raw energy that grew stronger and stronger with each track. The reimagined version is no different in that each track is a like a high voltage of rocket fuel. Every track delivers-no exceptions. It was like all eight bands recorded in the same room and were cheering each other on to deliver one amazing track after another.

The First track “Under My Wheels“ is dead on. Green Lung does a masterful job of capturing the true grit of this track.

As we stated earlier, the second track “Be My lover“ is a strong track performed by Grand Mal that absolutely rocks your soul.

Sergeant Thunderhoof gives a thunderous version of “Halo Of Flies” that is a tour de force of pure rock greatness capturing Alice perfectly, but I also heard some shades of Rush in the presentation.

Ritual King does a haunting version of “Desperado” that stays with you long after the track ends.

On “You Drive Me Nervous “ 1968 puts a large loud charge on the track that would blow the doors off the largest of arena’s.

Trippy Wicked and The Cosmic Children of The Knight deliver a 90’s grunge version of “Yeah,Yeah,Yeah“. It really gives the track a great feel to it. It’s one of my favorites on the album.

The last two tracks “Dead Babies“ and “Killer” performed by Moss Generator and Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell both do a spectacular job of echoing the original tracks while also adding their own touches as well.

Bottom line is this …. If your an Alice Cooper fan or are just discovering the music for the first time this L.P. is a Killer way to listen to some outstanding musicians and their take on a classic album. So run don’t walk and go get Killer, Alice Cooper- 50 years later out on November 27,2021 50 years later

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