Fresh Friday Track- Yard Arms- “Pirouettes”

Yard Arms- Pirouettes

Bristol based Yard Arms makes Friday ten times better with the release of their new track “Pirouettes “ . The Yard Arms do a marvelous job of combining a modern sound with touches of a 80’s feel with shades of The Cure and Echo and The Bunnymen

The duo of Noah Villeneuve (Vocals, Guitar) and Billy Golding (Drums ) are sonic and melodic masters that artfully presents a track that commands attention and stays with you . In other words you’ll be humming and tapping along to this one for days (That’s a good thing ! ) you can check out the amazing video Here

So where ever you are stop what you are doing and crank this one way up and it’s Friday so why not do a few Pirouettes while your at it !

The Whole Kameese

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