Eighty Ninety-“Heart on The Line “

Eighty Ninety-Heart On the Line

We recently listened to Eighty Ninety and their ever impressive new track “Heart on the line “ . Eighty Ninety is the Indie pop project of brothers Abner (vocals , production) Harper (guitar, production) James .

“Heart on the Line” is one of those songs that grabs you and takes you on almost a mystical journey. The brothers James do a tremendous job of making this song such a personal and intimate experience.

photo credit: Eric T White

This song is a true gem and needs to be listened to and shared with the masses . You can listen to the song Here

We can’t wait for what’s next for Eighty Ninety so in the meantime we are going to listen to Heart On the Line on constant repeat

The Whole Kameese

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