The Minders- Psychedelic Blacktop

We recently checked out the new record from The Minders – Psychedelic Blacktop

The Minders who were one of those great bands who were part of the retro pop movement in the 90’s. The Minders were formed by Martyn Leaper and Robert Schneider in 1995.

Schneider from The Apples In Stereo was the visionary behind the Elephant Six Collective , a swirl of bands who shared an affinity for psychedelia, Brit Invasion Pop-Rock , and charmingly scuzzy bedroom productions .

The Minders latest Psychedelic Blacktop is a treasure trove of well crafted songs that do not disappoint.

The opener “Home” is a well spun folk feeling track that connects with you right away and sets up the album perfectly.

The Brit pop track “Let’s Go Driving “ is a delightful and refreshing tune that has great pop sensibilities that make you want to sing along

We thoroughly enjoyed “It’s All The Same “ the retro lush melodies and harmonies give the song another dimension.

We enjoyed Psychedelic Blacktop by The Minders very much . We can honestly say it was the first record in a long time that felt like a true adventure packed with many different styles and melodies. You can check it out below

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