Jake Soffer “The Tree That Remained Standing “

Nature has long served as inspiration over the years and Jake Soffer’s magnificent E.P.

“The Tree That remained Standing “ is a prime example of this . While driving through California’s Shasta National Forest — an area plagued by a series of forest fires Jake Soffer was taken aback when he spotted a single tree thriving amidst the charred remains of the surrounding forest. The powerful image evoked in Jake an ambiguous sense of tragedy mixed with hope, and it inspired the title track for his latest EP, The Tree That Remained Standing

Each of the beautifully crafted tracks on the E.P. all have a connection to nature . Jake does a remarkable job of really making each track speak to the listener . I feel as while Soffer plays he is like a new age Bob Ross painting a majestic picture which each note .

As I began listening to “Ruby Red Rose “ I was blown away by the stunning delicate nature of the track . The music gently flowed freely and effortlessly as we were making our way through the melody .

From Sea To Sky “ has this real “country feel” to it . Jake Soffer is a master at giving each composition so many different dimensions that makes them so complete.

Jake Soffer

I really enjoyed “Skipping Rocks” This tracking has a very welcoming feel to it . I also felt like this track reminded me of the progressive Bluegrass group Nickel Creek with the groove and feel of the track .

The final track on this impressive body of work is the title track “The Tree That Remained Standing “ This track was wonderfully put together and it had a beautiful poetic flow to it. I feel like this track symbolizes how the Tree survived .

This was a stunning collection of music . Jake Soffer showed pure brilliance throughout this E.P.

The Whole Kameese

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