Ceara Cavalieri- “Radio Silence “

Ceara Cavalieri

Recently we listened to the new single “Radio Silence “ by the incredibly talented Ceara Cavalieri. “Radio Silence “ is a smart pop punk gem that is radio friendly and extremely enjoyable . Cavalieri appears to be the total package who not only looks the part but can back it up with master class level songwriting skills.

Radio Silence”, Ceara confides “I wrote this song about a guy that I had been dating for about 8 months who randomly ghosted me without saying anything. It is such a weird feeling when you are used to talking to someone everyday and then out of nowhere it’s just complete “radio silence” on their end. I know that most people have experienced something like this and it can really make you feel down on yourself especially without getting that closure. If you’re going through something like this or have experienced something similar then this is definitely a song that you can scream in your car.”

We are excited to hear more from Ceara Cavalieri she is without a doubt someone to watch . You can watch the video for “ Radio Silence “ below

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