Touché Amoré – “Feign “ Video

Touché Amoré photo credit: Nick Fancher

L.A. post hardcore band Touché Amoré brings us their new video “Feign” from their critically acclaimed 2020 album, lament.

The clip for “Feign” is an action packed performance video with vibrant colors and visuals. When asked, guitarist and resident art director, Nick Steinhardt said, “In typical fashion, “Feign” began its life as a slowly picked acoustic ballad and was subsequently kicked into overdrive. We enlisted Ryan Bussard (director, analog visual FX) to bring more chaos into the fold by capturing our performance, manipulating and visually breaking it apart at its seams. Feign’s raw, melodic energy has quickly made it one of our favorites live.

The Whole Kameese

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