Dog In A Man Suit- Last Chance

We recently checked out “Last Chance” by Trenton,NJ based Dog In a Man Suite .

The song is a lush guitar layered paradise that allows you to get lost in the sonic greatness that is “Last Chance”

Dog In a Man Suit ( Billie Seeland (guitar, vocals), Anjali Nair (guitar, vocals, synths), Chris Seeland (bass), and Thomas Colgrove (drums) matches the perfect melodic song structure with equally strong and haunting lyrics.

The song was written during a turbulent time in Anjali’s life after she left her first full-time job. For the first time ever, she was free to focus entirely on her own music. Instead of settling into a creative groove, she was plagued with uncertainty. “I want to be free/but I don’t want to break free.”

You can listen to “Last Chance “ by Dog In a Man Suit Here

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