Shaylee Shines with New L.P.

As Shaylee Portland,Oregon’s Elle Archer delivers an amazing collection of important and meaningful music with Short Sighted Security that is pure genius.

Short sighted Security delivers from the first chord on Oblivion to the last chord on Please talk to me.

This record is an absolute masterpiece. The opener “Oblivion” is a very hypnotic and rhythmic track that is full of melodic greatness.

“Ophelia” is a timeless well written track that shows off not only Elle Archer’s superb songwriting abilities but also shines a light on the masterful music arrangements that are crafted beautifully in the song .

Elle, who is a queer trans woman, grew up enamored with making music. She cites early experiences as a teen playing guitar on church worship teams as well as in her high school jazz band as heavily formative. She remembers mixing every element she’d hear on stage in her in-ear monitors, and then going home to toy around with what she had learned, in awe of the endless possibilities that come with sitting alone and reimagining sound. Elle also has a history of listening to and loving music, especially turn-of-the-century space rock opuses like Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space by Spiritualized, The Flaming Lips’ The Soft Bulletin, Wilco’s Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, and Radiohead’s OK Computer which clearly helped influenced her style as you can feel the deep indie connection and jangled pop sound on Short Sighted Security.

We routinely pressed repeat on multiple tracks on the record . we loved the honesty on “Stranded Living Room “ and the haunting tones of “Save up “ The melody of #1 Destroyer Fan made us smile as we hummed it for days .

Our favorite song on this amazing record is “Danger Decides” It’s absolutely perfect in every way . It has that classic jangly indie pop feel . We hear Shades of the late great Elliott Smith. Elle’s voice is note perfect on this song .We also enjoyed the video as well .

We enjoyed everything about this record, from its DIY spirit to it’s commitment of real and honest music . you need to check it out

You can listen to Short Sighted Security Here

The whole Kameese

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