Deaf Lingo- Reception

We can only hope some day we get to hang out with Deaf Lingo . I mean their fourth single “Reception “ which will be on their up coming record “Lingonberry “ later this month is about a pool party .

Deaf Lingo

Deaf Lingo’s singer and guitarist Sandro comments:

”The song is about what happened on our way back from a walk in the mountains. That afternoon went to our singer Sandro’s place and there was a pool party without us knowing. Our landlords were away on vacation, and their son was secretly having a party, with pools and lots of free booze. It was a really fun day and Mauro, our drummer, was thrown into the pool all dressed as a hiker.”

The song is everything we love about Deaf Lingo . It’s fast , fun and it absolutely rocks you can check out the song below

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