Laura Loriga- “Vever”

Laura Loriga- Vever

We recently listened to Laura Loriga and her remarkable new album Vever. And let me tell you we were blown away .

Laura was born in Bologna, Italy and in the past decade she has been developing her work between her own country and the United States . With Mimes of Wine , her main project until recently , she has written and published three full length records.

Vever is a big record and Laura Loriga has an even bigger voice . All of the sounds and melodies could fill Carnegie Hall as they are robust and full of life

Laura Loriga

The opening track “Mimi” felt like the perfect primer to get the listener ready for a spectacular music experience. Loriga eloquently weaves her voice around the powerful arrangement of sound .

On “Door Ajar “ we were drawn in by the subtle drum cadence at the beginning then we were lead by haunting vocals that gave the song such a almost mystical feel to it .

Balmaha” is a stunning sultry track that is simply perfect . We found ourselves singing along with this outstanding tune .

On “Black Rose “ we love how the simple melodic arrangement really made Laura’s voice shine so brightly

Passes The Flame “ stood out to us as it had both an old world and cinematic feel to it . We could picture seeing the song as the perfect backdrop to a movie on the silver Screen .

We enjoyed this record very much and think you will too . You can Listen to Laura Loriga and her amazing record Here

The Whole Kameese

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