Old Currents- “The Glory”

Photo Credit Ryan Struck -Daily Grime Media

We listen to a lot of music here at The Whole Kameese and it’s all kinds of music from rock,chant , dance and punk . Sometimes a band and or a song comes along that just really stands out to us . A few weeks ago we listened to “The Glory” by Trenton NJ Alt rockers Old Currents .

“The Glory” is hands down one of the most authentic rock songs we have heard in a while . The song has this grit and honesty to it that you just can’t fake . No magic just a group of musicians who clearly put their hearts and souls into the music .

We can not wait for “The Glory,The Defeat “ to drop we have a feeling it’s going to be one hell of a record .

You can watch the video for “The Glory “ below

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