Jake Benjamin – Broken Stars L.P.

Jake Benjamin- Broken Stars

We consider it a treat anytime we get a chance to listen to music from Jake Benjamin . We recently checked out his latest 12 song L.P “Broken Stars “

The remarkable sounding record includes the five songs that were included on the Broken Stars E.P. That means we are treated to seven new songs this time around .

The opening track “It Comes as A Friend “ featuring Carey Clayton is a mesmerizing track that shows Jake Benjamin’s voice at it’s absolute best . The vocal power exhibited in the song is just magnificent.

We really enjoyed “Under The lights” featuring Elena Escudero . The song is note perfect and is an elegant and beautiful composition.

There is a very mystical and playful feeling with “Of water and Air “ we especially liked how it felt like it melted into “A sun set too Soon featuring Adelide, and Dominic Ingham.

The delicate “4 Hours “ is a brilliantly crafted love song that we enjoyed completely.

The title track “Broken Stars “ finds Jake Benjamin at the absolute top of his game . He is a master of projecting beautiful and amazing imagery that add a such a wonderful additional dimension to his already outstanding musical compositions.

We highly recommend that you treat you soul to the magic and beauty that is Jake Benjamin . you can listen to Broken Stars Here

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