Archer Monk – “Lost In Translation “

We recently checked out Mill Valley based Americana/Tumbleweed Pop artist Archer Monk and the awesome new track “Lost In Translation “

Archer Monk pseudonym of artist T. Wold brings us a stunning and glowing track in the form of “Lost In Translation “ . Wold Is a brilliant and vibrant story teller that brings the listener in with amazing imagery.

Wold reveals about the track: “In the end, when death lays out the cards for you, that’s when you finally figure out what life is about,” He continues: “It’s not meant to be a dark and twisted song but rather a reminder that life can be really good if you don’t get too tied up in material goods or mired in the past or future.”

We can not wait for the full album “Joy Ride Opus” you can check out “Lost In Translation”. Here

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