We love it when we go to listen to a new track and it is an absolute smash hit . We recently checked out Bristol UK based emo-punk rock three piece Trashed and their new single “Memories” . The song is out today (July 15th ) and it’s the third single from their debut full length album due out later this year .

Trashed is a brilliant band because they are straight ahead the real deal the sound is both innovative and catchy . We are pretty sure if you harnessed the energy from this band you could power a whole city . We were hooked from note one .

Memories, the third single from the band’s upcoming full-length Happy In Hindsight, recorded with Neil D. Kennedy (Creeper, Boston Manor, Milk Teeth) is a break up song about a snapped heart being pulled apart by naivety. Pairing emotive heart-on-sleeve lyrics with catchy melodies and distorted guitar riffs, Memories is the perfect heartbreak anthem.


Speaking about the single, the band state, “Memories came together very quickly. It’s about trying too hard to let go of someone while your brain clings tighter and tighter to them. Of course written during a dose of heartbreak Jimmy was going through, it’s relatable and sincere… and will probably stick in your head like heartache does.”

You can listen to “Memories “ on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here

You can check out the video below

We can’t wait to hear more from these brilliant musicians

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