Career Woman and Small Crush Team Up for New Single “Sleep In”

Photo Credit:0752am

We recently checked out Career Woman the alt-indie solo of California native, Melody Caudill, today released the somber but driving new single, “Sleep In,” out today via Lauren Records. An infectious drum beat from Small Crush’s Jackson Felton is compounded by the tandem harmonies of Caudill and Logan Hammon, also from Small Crush, who has her own verse in the song.

“Sleep In” explores the juxtaposition of the chaos Caudill lived through the last few years and the time it allowed for personal growth. In the single, Caudill and Hammon sing, “Is it wrong to wish that I was still asleep / when I’ve got so much going for me?” Caudill wrote “Sleep In” while going through quarantine, and said, “Things in my personal life were going pretty well, new music and educational opportunities were opening up to me, but I felt stuck because I had to experience it all from my bedroom.”

The song’s heady lyrics are reflected in its sound. Hammon’s backing vocals and supporting verse are beautifully haunting and a perfect match for Career Woman’s vulnerable vibes and dreamy indie sound. Felton, who also recorded bass and lead guitar, lends his kindred energy to the fuzzed-out track

Caudill works like a master painter by elegantly placing her honest and poignant lyrics that add such a delicate dimension to the song that is simply breathtaking .

“Sleep In “ is a song that you must experience. We can’t wait for more .

You can check out “ Sleep In “ Here

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