Taxes “Foie Gras And Sancerre “

Taxes “Foie Gras And Sancerre”

We recently listened to the new single “Foie Gras And Sancerre” from Bay Area indie emo indie rock band Taxes . This was our first time listening to Taxes and…… We were completely blown away .

“Foie Gras And Sancerre “ is a beautifully dark and mysteriously delicate song that is hauntingly perfect .

Singer Robby Cronholm delivers a chilling and captivating vocal performance. Sonically the song is spectacular. I think what drew us in to this song was that it has this realness to it that you just can’t fake .

We are excited to hear more from Taxes and can’t until they drop their new album “Retirement Home”

You can check out “Foie Gras And Sancerre “ Here

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