No Fun At All – “Not A Problem “

Artwork by : Kalle Haglund @bruto_studio

We have never heard of No Fun At All before today…. We must have been living under a rock. This band is seriously amazing!!!!

The band is releasing the first single off the upcoming album “Seventh Wave”.

The new single “It’s Not A Problem” is out today and already fits nicely into the catalog of the Swedish skate punk heroes.

You can watch the “It’s Not A Problem “ lyric video below

“I live on an old farm that’s been owned by my family since the 1850s. 20 years ago when my father died I decided to move in and to be the one responsible for keeping all the houses and buildings in good shape. To be honest most of the time I love it, but sometimes there is that ”The Shining” feeling, am I going crazy!!?? Also the contrast between spending time in the rural idyllic Swedish countryside and touring the world, being a cosmopolitan. The lyrics for this one just came to me on a really cold and snowy day last winter, hence ”wrong season,”says singer Ingmar about the song.

You can listen to “Not A Problem “ Here

Founded in 1991, then disbanded and reunited over the years, the 2022 album will be No Fun At All’s first album since 2018. Austria-based label SBÄM Records is releasing the new album exclusively worldwide, following the re-release of the band’s “EPs Going Steady” in 2021.

We sincerely hope that No Fun At All makes it stateside because, we have a feeling they are amazing live .

No Fun At All

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