mine – H20 Cover art by Sara Bellig
photo credit : Jenny Schuster

We recently checked out mine and her new song H20 . If you are looking for a fresh new sound then you need to check out mine.

mine is the brilliant artistic brainchild of songwriter and musician, Mia Schuster. The Fargo, ND native has spent her life exploring physical and mental differences far removed from the town she was raised in. Now studying at Berklee College of Music in Boston, she’s finally been given the chance to come into her own as an individual and a musician. Her indie-pop style radiates with positivity and freshness, solidifying her as one to watch on the pop music landscape. Her journey to where she is now is reflected in every chord she writes, allowing listeners insight into her creative world.

We were blown away by the vocal abilities exhibited by mine her sound is both familiar and a breath of fresh air. The song is a master class in vocals , this girl has an incredible voice.

On her newest single, “H2O,” celebrates the process of self-acceptance and the eventual freedom that comes with coming into your own. The synthy melody and warm alto vocals float effortless across a sunrise-like sonic landscape— fresh as a summer breeze. She explores the world she faced as she stepped into her artistic career, constantly being told who to be and how to act, and the brilliant freedom that comes with standing her ground and unapologetically chasing down her own path. Layers of vocals cascade over a dreamy chorus, wrapping listeners in the innate sense of hope and happiness that embodies her journey.

You can check out “H20” Here

Photo Credit – Jenny Schuster

We can’t way to hear more music from mine.

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