Pianos Become The Teeth – New single +Video for “Buckley”

Today, Baltimore/D.C. post-hardcore band Pianos Become The Teeth share “Buckley,” the final single and music video from new album ‘Drift’ out on August 26th. The track opens with a heavily manipulated guitar loop and pulsating drum pattern that are quickly shattered by a roaring bassline. As Kyle Durfey’s resonant vocals seem to float away due to an echoplex, the song blooms into a noisy indie rock anthem driven by crashing drums, layers of echoes and a multitude of instrumental loops. Starting and ending at very different places, it mimics the duality of the band who embrace both soft and hard elements in their music.

Even with a sound that is continually transforming, Pianos Become The Teeth still hold onto the inherent aggression of their screamo/hardcore years. Frontman Kyle Durfey explains, “I refer to a song like ‘Buckley’ as ‘heavy blue’, because there are heavy parts in there, but they are really deliberate.”

You can listen to “Buckley” Here and you can check out the video below

We are always delighted with new music from Pianos Become The Teeth as they are always sonically innovative.

We are super excited for the release of Drift on August 26.

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