93FEETOFSMOKE Releases Brand New full-length – Good Grief

We recently checked out acclaimed genre- fluid artist 93FEETOFSMOKE and his new full-length Good grief. GOODGRIEF features collaborators Phem, Matt Malpass (Machine Gun Kelly), Tosh the Drummer, guardin, Kamiyada+.

First of all from front to back Good Grief zips like a high speed rocket heading to the moon.

Every track is new and innovative in its own way . If you were to look up the word Original in the dictionary, you would see a picture of 93FEETOFSMOKE.

“It’s a big twist of culture,” he explains. “My music is the intersection of skateboarding, fashion, the Crunk-era, and pop punk. It’s all uncut and unfiltered. I’m not trying to control everything and make it perfect and pristine. It’s a less-perfect vision of everything. It’s important for me to allow things to be the way they are. It’s real.”

“I came up in the hip-hop scene,” he elaborates. “The vision of 93FEETOFSMOKE was very influenced by that. There are guitars, but it’s not suburban white boy band music. It comes from different experiences. It’s honest.”That honesty defines his 2022 single “FUCKED OVER” [feat. Phem & Tosh The Drummer]. Punk-y guitar creaks underneath emotionally charged vocals as he proclaims, “I’m pretty good at getting fucked over, I’m pretty good at drawing: straws shortest, before an ecstatic bass-boosted beat booms. On its heels, Earmilk christened him “an artist on the rise with an eclectic, out-of-the-box taste for music and a progressive, genre-fluid sound to match.“I was lying in bed one night, and I came up with the hook,” he recalls. “When Phem and Tosh got on ‘FUCKED OVER, it turned into something way bigger. Lyrically, it’s on-the-nose and simple. You’ve gotten blindsided and fucked over. Every single person in the world goes through it. I’m tapping into the moment and feeling.”Meanwhile, “ALL I EVER WANTED” bleeds out cathartic lyrics over gentle acoustic strumming as he pleads, “I think I ran out of luck, could you please just give a fuck?” I felt like I’d gotten all I ever wanted, but why am I not happy?” he ponders. “It was written to be consciously straightforward

The title GOODGRIEF sums up the duality at the core of 93FEETOFSMOKE.“My grandma used to always say, ‘Oh Jiminy Cricket’, good grief’,” he reveals. “On one hand, it’s an ode to her. It’s nostalgic, because it reminds me of my childhood, but it also speaks to the project. Thematically, it deals with grief, but it’s also positive. The grief is good, because you’re getting over pain. Art is something very spiritual. You sing these words, and a crowd chants them back to you. It’s a ritual. I’m trying to manifest positivity in this ritual.”

Honesty and real good music is what you will get with 93FEETOFSMOKE. He is an artist who definitely not going anywhere anytime soon, he is here to stay You can listen to Good Grief Here

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