State Of The Secretary

Back in February we checked out “All About” from State Of The Secretary. We enjoyed the track very much and we’re excited to check out the full L.P. from State Of The Secretary . State Of The Secretary is the solo project of multi instrumentalist Issac Anderson who is from Zebulon, North Carolina.

The record opens with the track “ Sweet Dreams” the track is a fluid well constructed orchestral gem that is very pleasing.

The very playful “Terminal Ray “ is a smart and well crafted song that is sonically amazing . Vocally Anderson is a dynamic vocalist who adds so much to the song .

We throughly enjoyed “PeliCan” It is a well written song that is has a very punk sensibility to it . At it’s core State Of The Secretary does a brilliant job of being musically fluid . You are never bored listening to State Of The Secretary they offer so many different looks musically it’s such a refreshing attribute.

Melodically and sonically “Slap Happy is a brilliant body of work that found us hitting the repeat button many times . The passion that is displayed vocally is just amazing .

State Of The Secretary

“Astray” is a dizzying track that pulls you in and leaves you mesmerized and wanting more.

If you are looking for a record and an artist that has many dimensions. Then you need to check out State Of The Secretary.

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