Palps- “Imprint”

Palps – Imprint

We recently checked out new single “Imprint” from Essex-based rock four piece Palps.

“Imprint” is the sixth of eighth chapters in the album’s short film. The album “Black Heart” which is their debut album and will be out October 7th .

We continue to be in complete jaw dropping awe of this absolutely stunning of body of work by Palps . Let us be clear this is genius territory.

Imprint is a very deep and poignant song. The subject matter is not the easiest but, Palps delicately deliver a pure masterpiece.

The song explores the idea of being someone’s soulmate when they in turn aren’t yours, and how difficult it can be when someone seems so perfect for you in every way possible, yet just isn’t what your heart wants.

You listen to Imprint on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here

You can watch the video for “Imprint” below

We can’t wait for October 7th and the release of Black Heart we have a feeling it is going to be absolutely epic .

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