Rebel Kicks “Hamartia“

We recently checked out the New York City duo Rebel Kicks and their new single “Hamartia” . “Hamartia is melodically uplifting a refreshing and must needed sound in today’s musical landscape.

Anthony of the band confides, “Our song is about a person who is their own worst enemy. Someone who wants to be positive, but is inevitably dragged down by their own perceptions and paranoid beliefs, yet they’re self-aware enough to recognize that as their fatal flaw, or literal hamartia. The word “Hamartia” originates from Greek tragedy, and though it has several interpretations, it most commonly refers to a fatal flaw that leads to the downfall of a tragic hero or heroine.”

“Hamartia “ is the perfect summer song . It is definitely worth a listen or three !

You can listen to “Hamartia” Here

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