Hunters Chorus -“The Ping Pong Ball Career Center” E.P.

We were so excited to check out new music from Hunters Chorus .We really enjoyed 2021’s full length album “The Boy Ain’t Right”.“The Ping Pong Ball Career Center “E.P. did not disappoint it was a lively vibrant body of work .

Hunters Chorus is an alter-ego, recording moniker, and instrumental music ensemble of classical guitarist Ramon Fermin who once again has orchestrated a memorable and multi dimensional collection of songs.

“The Ping Pong Ball Career Center”features a familiar roster of musicians, including: Elyse Ader on harp and viola, Ami Nashimoto on cello, Patrick Murphy on acoustic guitar and electric bass, Jason Slota on drums and percussion, Ben Boye on rhodes piano, and Ramon on lead nylon, acoustic, and electric guitars, and electric bass. Joining the band in the studio for the first time are: Brett Carson on acoustic and rhodes piano, and Tony Gennaro on additional percussion.

Right from the start “The Ping Pong Ball Career Center” is a jovial delight “Clubhouse “ is a fun piece that grabs your attention immediately and brings you an amazing audio adventure. This one is quite memorable.

The rhythmic syncopation of “Luck“ is so inviting and light and refreshing it had a very summertime feel to it .

Ramon Fermin is simply in a class by himself when it comes to painting a picture with his music . “It was Raining When I moved The Car for My Dad “ has this amazing cinematic quality to it that you could almost actually feel the rain falling simply a wonderful piece of music .

“Thank You for Still being my friend “ has a very curious energy to it with just a hint of tension that gives the piece a little edge to it .

The final track “The Heat “ is an explosive driving piece that feels like you are traveling a 100 miles an hour on a wide open highway ready for whatever life has to throw at you .

We thoroughly enjoyed “The Ping Pong Ball Career Center “ E.P. You need to treat your mind , body and soul to this amazing collection of music .

You can listen to The Ping Pong Ball Career Center Here

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