Jeff DeVito “Peaches and Pie”

We absolutely love the new single from New Jersey based artist Jeff DeVito “Peaches and Pie “ The song will be featured on Jeff DeVito’s sophomore release Sagittarius out in the fall of 2022.

“Peaches and Pie” has this incredible classic alternative rock vibe that is so authentic and genuine. DeVito’s vocal tone gives the song such a unique feel that only solidifies a rock solid song .

Jeff DeVito

Peaches and Pie, recalls 1990s alt-rock, evoking the era of well-produced, tight, tuneful, and sharply-incisive songcraft. The song is something of a lost gem from the Particle Zoo days. “I always liked it but it was never quite finished and didn’t go anywhere when I introduced it to the band,” Jeff says. “That was probably around 15 years ago.” For Sagittarius, he gave the song a musical and lyrical overhaul, although it seems his Bush-era mindset of denial and indifference still feels relevant today. The imagery here taps into someone saying they’re okay when clearly they are not, and Jeff uses cleverly simple words to express those complex feelings. He sings: Hey hey—it’s better this way/Drifting ever closer to the deep end/When you gonna make time for your sweet thing/When you gonna find your little baby.

Roll down the windows and let “Peaches and Pie” play loud and proud .

You can listen to “Peaches and Pie Here

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