CATHOLIC GUILT Debut New Single and Music Video “Talking Fake”

We just checked out the new single and music video from Melbourne, Australia punk/Alt rockers CATHOLIC GUILT “Talking Fake”

We believe in being up front here at The Whole Kameese so we’re just going to come out and say it… we loved everything about this… The band , the song , the video , the direction of the video.

The band plays with such authentic purpose and it is felt throughout the whole song just a real melodic gem of a song .Catholic Guilt are strong and skilled musicians. Vocally front man Brenton Harris is just flawless. What impressed us the most is how he didn’t try to over do it vocally and that’s why it comes across so eloquently.

When asked about “Talking Fake” Harris commented Talking Fake’ was inspired by reaching that all too familiar point in a relationship, where the lines of communication have completely broken down. Both sides want to talk it out, but neither can work out what to say, or how to say it, so they don’t say anything and instead live in the comfort of discomfort, paralyzed by anxiety and the fear that if they do start to talk, it might end up being their final conversation. It is an appeal to both sides of the relationship to put all the placating, all of the excuses and the unending awkwardness aside and just speak honestly and truthfully with one another. To quit “talking fake” and just “give it to me straight”. Whatever happens on the other side of that conversation has to be better than living in a state of constant fracture.“

Not only is “Talking Fake “ a great song but the video that accompanies it is absolutely stunning piece of film . Director Dia Taylor does an absolutely spectacular job in connecting the song with strong and poignant visuals. Dia Taylor commented

“‘Talking Fake’ has been one of my favourite music videos to have made thus far as the story behind it is one that hits home. So very often we put on a fake smile, say everything is alright, and keep pushing through, just so we don’t end up facing the truth that no, things are not okay and things need to change. This can be on both a relationship level – romantic and platonic alike, as well as a larger, non-personalised level.”

“My mother once said that ‘The only sure thing in life is change’ which can be daunting to a lot of us, but sometimes change is the hardest and greatest thing that we need in our lives.

I wanted to give this video a fantastical feel to it with the characters being thrown into an alternative world of their first happy day together. Taking inspiration from director Marjane Satrapi’s 2014 film ‘The Voices’ and ‘Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind’ (2004) by director Michel Gondry, The fantasy world is eerily familiar yet something is wrong.”

“We cast limited extras and used them in as many shots as we could (you’ll notice the double up at times), directing them to be over the top and then completely lifeless.

David’s cinematography helped to create the beautiful colourful world, and Amelia and Tom’s performances nailed the differences in reality and fantasy.”

Catholic Guilt

You can listen to “Talking Fake” Here

You can watch the video for “Talking Fake” directed by Dia Taylor below

We cannot wait for music from Catholic Guilt we have a feeling it’s going to be amazing.

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