”Break My Heart Again”New single and video by Swedish Alt. Rock outfit Sweet Teeth

Swedish alternative rock outfit Sweet Teeth shares the single and music video ”Break My Heart Again”It is brilliant intense and bittersweet pop that clocks in at just one and a half minutes. This the second single that is leading up to the bands debut full length album “High Anxiety “ due out this fall.

Sweet Teeth

The band had this to say about the song ”Break My Heart Again” is actually a very early song in our history, and although it’s a kinda mellow song it has a real mid-80s hardcore feel to me. The verse sounds really Dag Nasty, although the chorus sounds like The Wannadies haha.. The lyrics are classic heartbreak about a relationship ending too soon.”

You can listen to “Break My Heart Again” Here

You can also check out the video below

We think Sweet Teeth absolutely rocks !

We can wait till more music in the fall

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