Night Swimming- Debut double single “Freight Train// A Wall

If Bath based Night swimming were a beverage they would never be able to keep it on shelves. The five piece delivers a sound that soothes the soul far better than any beverage available.Night Swimming delivers a hypnotic musical experience that is second to none .

Formed in 2021, the band have spent the last year honing in on their sound at sold-out headline shows in their home city of Bath and supporting the likes of China Bears and Parlophone Records’ own Sad Night Dynamite. They were also scouted by the Close Encounters Club to be featured in Glastonbury Festival’s 2022 ‘Longlist’ – chosen to be one of their 90 top acts.

Night Swimming’s sound is a delicate wonderfully crafted sound that is a total delight. The band incorporates the ethereal, melodic elements of the early Wolf Alice EPs and Slowdive albums; combining them with the minimalism of local idols Portishead and Massive Attack.

Produced by Calum Wotherspoon at Joe’s Garage in Bristol, and mastered by Novatines’ Tom Cory, their debut release Freight Train // A Wall is instantly striking. Combining atmospheric guitars, ethereal vocals and airy synths with echoing percussion and hypnotic choruses; each individual element is equally as evocative, while perfectly blended with a sugary sweet delivery that you can’t help but get lost in.

Freight Train was written as an introductory piece to the second track “A Wall”. The use of trip-hop influenced rhythms and sustained atmospherics evoke a trance-like feel, conveying a strong sense of detachment that seamlessly seeps into second track A Wall which vocalist and lyricist Meg Jones describes as ‘a collection of memories and images about communication in relationships’

Night Swimming

Night Swimming is a melodic juggernaut that weave beautifully written songs that are simply magnificent works of art .

We can’t wait to hear more amazing music from Night Swimming.

You can listen to Freight Train//A wall on Spotify Here and Here on Apple Music

NIGHT SWIMMING ARE – Meg Jones (Vocals )Sam Allen (Guitar)Jesse Roache (Guitar) Josh Nottle (Bass) and Torin Moore (Drums)

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