Cassie Marin- LiL 5i5

We were beyond happy to finally listen to the brand new album from the amazingly talented Cassie Marin. LiL 5i5 is an incredible collection of songs . Cassie Marin has really stepped up to the plate and hit this one out of the park .

Right out of the gate with “Leave Me As You Found Me” The song starts slow but builds to flawless vocals that are simply electrifying.

On “Lemon Sugar “ Marin’s voice is simply spectacular. She does a tremendous job of vocally weaving in and out of the hypnotic beats.

One of our favorite track is “Every Time I See The Ocean “ This song is straight up addicting .Once you hear the mesmerizing vocals with the amazing beats your hooked .

The crowning achievement on the album is the amazing title track lil 5i5 . This is an explosive track that takes everything we love about Cassie Marin and puts it on full display. She is firing on all cylinders and it is simply electric.

If there is one song that sums up how we feel about this album it’s “Wow Factor “ Cassie Marin proves track after track on Iil 5i5 that she is the real deal .This record like Marin is genuine and authentic .

You can listen to lil 5i5 Here

Do yourself a favorite and check out what we think is one of the hottest records of the summer .

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