Midwest Rockers A Vulture Wake Release New Single “Shadow Of A Common Fear” from The Upcoming ‘Animal’ EP Out September 9; ‘One.Kingdom.Animal’ Vinyl LP (Feat. Previously Released ‘Kingdom’ EP and the ‘Animal’ EP On Limited Edition Vinyl) Out November 11

We recently checked out the amazingly awesome new single “Shadow Of A Common Fear” from Midwest rockers A Vulture Wake

A Vulture Wake is like nothing in music today . They are truly a unique and original band that has a refreshing sound that straight out rocks.

The new single “Shadow Of A Common Fear” is a sparse-yet-pulsing hard rock gem which brings to life the feeling of a cold and desolate landscape. Set in a world of authoritarian overlords and mass uprisings, there’s danger around every corner in what is, unfortunately, an accurate portrait of human existence. Come for the rock, stay for the disturbing yet provocative tale.

A Vulture Wake rages forth through 2022 with their second E.P. of the year! ‘Animal’, out Sept. 9, is a progressive powerhouse of hooks & riffs – 5 songs continuing the band’s campaign to “Do No Harm; Take No Shit” while taking aim at the powers that be, inner demons, and a bleak future on this dying planet.

You can listen to “Shadow of A Common Fear “ Here

You can also watch the visual below

A Vulture Wake is a band you simply have to check out .

A Vulture Wake:Chad Price (All, Drag The River) – VocalsDave Klein (Black Flag, Screeching Weasel) – BassJohn Hernandez- Drums

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