Me Like Bees “Radio “

Me Like Bees

We recently checked out the new single “Radio” from Joplin based indie rock four piece Me Like Bees.

The electro charged single features colorful guitar riffs , driving rhythms and a chorus that makes you stand up and take notice . This the kind of song that is best played in an arena filled with 50,000 of your best friends.

“Radio” is instantly addicting, the chorus is very memorable and we found ourselves repeating it long after the music stopped.

The band confides on the release, “we often find ourselves in the midst of unpleasant circumstances and realities. “Radio” is a song about wanting to escape those realities, but ultimately learning to cope with them.”

You can check out “Radio” on Spotify Here

You can check out the amazing video for“Radio” below

Me Like Bees is a band who has it going on . We can’t wait to see what they do next .

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