Ne’er-Do-Well- Compromise

First of all before we tell you all about Ne’er – Do- Well and the amazing new single Compromise. We just want to say any song that has the phrase “Piss and vinegar “ is cool in our book. In all seriousness we were blown away by Austin Tx’s Ne’er – Do-Well (the pseudonym of one-man band Bryan Rolli)

Bryan Rolli of Ne’er do-well (photo Credit : TLC Photography

Ne’er-do-well is the product of Rolli’s hopes, dreams, anxieties and neuroses. (And his riffs. Plenty of those.) The musician wrote and performed every note on ‘Fun Days,’ inspired by the one-man band exploits of Paul McCartney, Dave Grohl and countless other rock stars vastly more famous and talented than him.

“Compromise “ is so good on so many levels. It’s a melodic masterpiece. It was like Bryan Rolli sat down and said I’m going to take a little bit of 80’s metal and little bit of 90’s pop punk and make it my own original masterpiece. Mission Accomplished

You can listen to “Compromise” Here

You can also watch the visual below

The E.P. Fun Days will be out on September 30th and we can not wait!

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