J. Graves gives us adventure at every turn with new 2 part video series with “Bested” and “Ass u Me”

To say that J.Graves is just an indie post-punk band from Portland Oregon would be a doing the band a massive disservice. J.Graves is an extremely bright light of creative brilliance that have gifted us with epic songs that collectively will be the forthcoming chose your own adventure album Fortress Of Fun.

New singles Bested and Ass u Me both brim with unconcealed turmoil. Bested is thick and bassy and mired in solitude, while its counterpart Ass u Me deals more literally with the realization that a long-term relationship is nearing its end.

Together these songs comprise part three of Fortress of Fun’s “choose your own adventure” theme – J. Graves latest effort to stand out in a saturated creative market. Each song on their new album comes with a music video, through which listeners can choose which storyline to follow, customizing the album’s song order and decentralizing the process of selecting a tracklist and leaning into the digital age in ways few others would dare.

You can listen to “Bested” on Spotify Here and you can listen to “Ass U Me” on Spotify Here You can watch the videos for “Bested” and “Ass U Me” below .

J. Graves – Bested
J.Graves – Ass U Me

We cannot wait for more from J.Graves as they continue to soar to new amazing creative heights .

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