Love Hounds- The Furious Noise

Love Hounds

We recently had the chance to check out Nashville UnAmericana/Cowpunk quartet Love Hounds and their song The Furious Noise. The track is on their upcoming full-length “No Love”

Love Hounds are the result of lead singer CB Brooks taking a stand and deciding that he had enough He could no longer turn a blind eye to the injustices he had witnessed over the past year, both in his one-on-one encounters with law enforcement and in the violence across the US played ad nauseam in the news.

Love Hounds consist of David Keith on drums, Eric Ralls on lead guitar and Josh Emmons on bass, tied together with Brook’s distinctively gravelly voice.

Lead Single The Furious Noise fixes a transgressive gaze right back at the money-over-every thing capitalism, and the bosses and landlords reaping the benefits. The song builds on its haunting melody and Brooks’ rasping croons like a rallying cry or a dark nursery rhyme. Either way, it’s a warning, “We are coming.”

Love Hounds are exactly what we need right now , real unapologetic music with a purpose that absolutely needs to be heard .

You can listen to The Furious Noise below

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