Aaron James- “Nobody Really Makes Love Anymore” – Single

Aaron James is the kind of musician that plays the kind of music that makes you want to be excited about music . Aaron James is a thoughtful and engaging artist that has this “cool” vibe about him that just draws you in

We recently listened to the new single“Nobody Really Makes Love Anymore” which is also the name of his upcoming record via Memphis label Unapologetic. The song is subtle but powerful . Aaron James sings from the heart and you can feel it .

On the song Aaron James comments I was feeling like the past heartbreak was supposed to be ‘the one,’ and when that thing died, I started to feel like along with it died this vision I had for what love could be in my life,” Aaron says. “I’m completely aware of how dramatic that sounds, but I have no problem articulating it because when you’ve experienced that connection with somebody where it just feels like you weave in and out and through each other it’s just a hard thing to feel like you can ever reach again.” Aaron’s opening lines are viscerally romantic and powerfully convey this sentiment, he sings: Spirits tangled in a knot / Your beating chest under my heart / Finally met your hands above your body I cannot / Refuse what you’re showing.

You can listen to “Nobody Really Makes Love Anymore” Here

You can also watch the video below

We can not wait for more music from Aaron James .

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