mine – Bloom -E.P.

mine is the artistic brilliance of songwriter and musician, Mia Shuster. The Fargo ND native has spent her life exploring the world outside of her reality using lyric and song, now studies at Berklee College of Music in Boston she’s experienced incredible musical growth. Over the course of her studies and the writing of her EP, she’s come into her own as a songwriter and started to explore more introspective topics of self-confidence.

We were blown away by her song “H20” so when we got our hands on the E.P. we cleared our schedule and pushed play…

On the first track “Wild” we had our breath taken away. “Wild” is an honest and moving track that reads like a diary entry.

The next track “Grave” is a hypnotic tune that wraps you up in its addictive rhythm. “Grave” is a master class in songwriting as she explores a world free of the fear of death and where “happy ever after is the only ending . Absolutely brilliant.

The next track is the title track “Bloom!”

Pardon the pun but, this song is where the E.P. really blossoms. The song’s beautiful orchestration gives the song a vibrant feeling of soaring and learning to grow and follow your heart . We hit repeat on this one several times .

The final track on this spectacular E.P. Is the glorious “H2O” We were blown away the first time we heard H20 and continue to be amazed by mine and her incredible musical talent . What makes this song so stellar is the vocal abilities exhibited by mine , her sound is both familiar and a breath of fresh air. The song is a master class in vocals , this girl has an incredible voice.

You can listen to the Bloom ! E.P. Here

Do yourself a favor and check out mine and allow yourself to be swept up in the amazing body of work that is Bloom!

Your soul will thank you .

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