Crash Monkeys “Control”

Stel Furet from crash Monkeys

Ok so we poured ourselves an extra large cup of black coffee and got comfy and dove right into Crash Monkeys and their new single “Control” What we found was a solid bluesy rock tune that absolutely smoked .

Tuneful but glamorously shambolic rock n’ roll band CrashMonkeys came from a primal urge for a pre-pandemic normal, and a desire to reintroduce a lo-fi style of rock that defined primary singer and songwriter, and co-guitarist Stel Furet’s early years. “These are songs for drinking lots of coffee(we knew the coffee was a good idea before listening ) and driving fast to,” the Santa Cruz, California-based artist deadpans

The trio’s debut EP, Love & Kicks, out November 18th, evokes the scuzzy, angsty and arty sounds of Pavement, Daniel Johnston and Beat Happening, and Sonic Youth, but injected with a bit of 1970s James Gang boogie-rock. The 5-song EP will be preceded by the single “Control,” out August 12th.

Stel wrote all the songs on Love & Kicks and played all the instruments except drums on the recordings. Going forward, the band will also feature guitarist Chuck Keller, an accomplished guitarist/bass player who attended Berklee College of Music and studied arranging and improvisation with iconic jazz composer/arranger Ray Brown. Stel and Chuck alternate bass and guitar duties, and the pair have complementary styles with Stel being a bluesy player and Chuck having a melodic shred background. The two have yet to decide on a drummer. Previously, Stel released his first solo album, Human Nature Machine, which currently has amassed over 20k monthly listeners on Spotify.

The single, Control, features one of Stel’s most lustful and powerful vocals. It’s prime 1990s alt-rock with a sleazy, classic rock streak running through it. The song is surrealistically intriguing and brims with amusing references to coffee. One standout line is: Just dip your nails in my coffee/And stir the milk in my soul/You can find your restitution for my love/On the backside of my door. “It’s another coffee song,” Stel admits. “I woke up from a dream one morning where I was on stage singing a duet with a goth girl that didn’t have a face. I ran to the bathroom and sang this song into my phone while everyone else was still asleep. The lyrics here are pretty much the words I came up with that morning.”

We are absolutely over the moon for “Control” it just oozes cool and it has such a kick ass groove to it . You can listen to “Control” on Spotify Here and on Soundcloud Here

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