Davey Harris “Honey”

Davey Harris- Honey

We recently checked out Davey Harris and his “Buzz” worthy new single “ Honey “

The accidental wizard and psychedelic multi-instrumentalist Davey Harris who gives us a phenomenal song that not only is full of divine energy but it also inspires the mind .

Produced by Greg Papania, who focuses on making songs that vibrate at 7.83 hertz, the planet’s natural resonance, “Honey” is both a tribute to bees and addictively danceable. With influences from 70’s rock and modern artists like Tame Impala, the track reverberates and shimmers to a disco beat. Harris’ vocals are warm and collected, dripping like honey over the cataclysmic sonic atmosphere. The track, he says, “could be seen as a ballad from the perspective of a queen bee, wondering where to spread her rich reserves of honey, or as a lament from a flower, trying to summon missing pollinators from a silent sky.” As for that Papania frequency, studies have shown that listening to the earth’s frequency can be mentally and physically healing, which is, as Harris puts it, “some sacred bee-ometry.”

You can listen to “Honey” Here .

“Honey” was our first introduction to the very talented Davey Harris. We were very impressed. Do yourself a favor and check out “Honey “ it will “bee” something you will truly enjoy.

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