Miranda Joan- “Overstimulated”

Miranda Joan

We recently listened to Canadian soul drenched pop singer/ songwriter Miranda Joan and her mesmerizing new single “Overstimulated “

The track is the first single of her upcoming album of the same name .

On the track, Joan confides, “I wrote this song when the doors to life had just reopened post-lockdown and I was, as I’m sure many of us were, ready to erupt. In what felt like a blink of an eye, everything opened up and here we were, hermited heathens, given keys to the city. The energy was intense and, having spent so much time in isolation, when things finally came back and we were able to socialize again, I was overcome with urgency. I wanted to do it all, I wanted contact, I wanted to be around people, I wanted to be seen, I wanted to feel.”

We were completely drawn in to the track as we were won over by Miranda Joan’s hypnotic and seductive vocals . Miranda Joan an incredible talent that has no limit .

We can’t wait for more music from Miranda Joan . You can listen to “Overstimulated “ Here and watch the video below

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