Rundown Kreeps – “NOLA”

We recently checked out Los Angeles Ska Punk trio “Rundown Kreeps” and their new single and video “NOLA

Rundown Kreeps

“NOLA” is a perfectly written song with great pop melodies and a unbelievable punk spirit

For the video the band remarks, With this music video we wanted to pay homage to our musical heroes The Beatles; as well as subtly remain on the theme of escapism. The idea is that instead of making a video in which the subject matter is asking for help; we’d remake the “Help!” music video as close to shot for shot as possible”

Rundown Kreeps are an energetic trio with a memorable sound that instantly makes you smile . You can listen to “Nola” Here

You can also check out the bands nod to the Beatles in the video for “NOLA” below .

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