Calm Collapse- Positive Greed

We recently checked out the new single “Positive greed “ from Seattle’s Calm Collapse.

The feverish raw energy from Calm Collapse grabs your soul and ears right from the get go.

Calm Collapse features a roster of indie rock , Calm Collapse is comprised of Doug Lorig ( Roadside Monument ) , Patrol, Raft of Dead Monkeys) on guitar and vocals, Rob Smith (Traindodge,(Museum of Light) on Drums/ Keys and John Pease (Medicine Bows) on bass.

“Positive Greed “ which is nearly 6 minutes long is a stunning and brilliant opus that commands your attention . The song is a bit of throwback to when songs were majestic pieces of art . “Positive Greed “ is most certainly a work of art , and Calm Collapse are truly master craftsmen.

“Positive Greed” will be on the upcoming L.P. “Mirrored Nature” via Spartan Records November 25th 2022 .

You can listen to “Positive Greed “ on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here

We cannot wait to hear more from Calm Collapse!

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