We have always been fans of New Jersey’s Hidden In Plain View so when saw that they have put out a new E.P. we couldn’t hide our excitement. The new E.P. TANTRUMS is a wondrous collection of songs that show that Hidden In Plain View are rejuvenated and better than ever .

TANTRUMS finds the band showcasing a collection of strong well crafted songs . As soon as you hear the thunderous drums in the opening track “Temper” you know that this is going to be good . Hidden In Plain View does marvelous job of delivering an explosive sound with “Temper”

The second track “Wildfire” is perhaps our favorite song on the E.P. It’s such a an addicting and catchy song and Hidden In Plain View absolutely rock their musicianship really shines on this track .

We were swept up in the hypnotic speed of Ragdoll it gave the song such a great feel . We once again found ourselves mesmerized by the performance on this track. It felt as we moved through the E.P. the band became stronger and stronger it was as if they discovered the fountain of youth .

Next was the epic “Poison Ivy” holy smokes this song is straight fire great harmonies the chorus stays with you for days just brilliant .

The final track “Tailor Made “ was a slower track but it did not disappoint. You could really shows the versatility of the band . Such a strong and powerful song. We pushed repeat on this one many times – Bravo

Whether you are a die hard Hidden In Plain View fan or discovering them for the first time their new E.P. Tantrums is a must listen.

You can listen to Tantrums Here

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