Dosser- “Joy Thief “

We think we just heard the next great thing in rock . Remember the name – Dosser- remember the song “Joy Thief”

Dosser-Zack Pohuski

Baltimore , MD indie rockers Dosser have crafted a sonically melodic driven masterpiece. We hear shades of 90’s favorite HUM as well as early Foo Fighters .

As much as they draw comparisons to others Dosser is refreshingly very much carving out their own explosive and memorable sound.

Commenting on “Joy Thief” Dosser’s Bret Lanahan (guitar, vocals) says: “Since I was a kid I’ve struggled greatly with crippling anxiety and depression. I didn’t understand when I was younger what either of those things were and always thought something was wrong with me or I had something bad inside me making me feel this way. I used to have this kind of weird day dream a lot that if I could just open up my chest and let whatever was inside of me that was making me feel so terrible just spill out, maybe I would feel better.It wasn’t a bloody scene or anything like that, I guess it was just the only way my younger brain could picture getting rid of bad thoughts. As I got older and had a better understanding of what mental illness looked like I was able to get help in the form of medication. The song goes back and forth with the feeling of being trapped in one of two corners that I think are pretty common in people trying to deal with or treat mental illness. Either you treat it with medication and get to a point where you feel almost nothing at all and totally empty, or just deal with it and have such intense feelings that you can hardly bare it. Finding a release is the hardest thing to do. The lyrics are fairly simple but they hold a great weight for me.”

You can listen to “Joy Thief” on Spotify Here

Dosser is currently on tour with hometown hero Pianos Become The Teeth Philly’s Caracara and Massachusetts’ Dreamtigers see dates below

Screen Shot 2022-08-22 at 6.10.57 PM

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