Rocky Votolato- “Becoming Human”

Rocky Votolato “Becoming Human”

If Rocky Votolato released a song every Friday the world would be a better place .

Today Rocky Votolato shares “Becoming Human “ which will be a part of “Wild Roots “ which is his first release in 7 years and will be released September 9th via Spartan Records and Thirty Something (Europe/UK )

Rocky Votolato always gives 100 percent of himself in his music, you can hear and most definitely feel it. Of the song, Rocky explains, “What to say about Becoming Human now… It’s probably the most meaningful song I’ve ever written or will ever write in my life. I wrote it for my child Kienan who passed away in a car accident last year. I do take comfort in the fact that they were able to hear it before they died and told me how much they loved it. It’s a posthumous love letter in it’s release. It’s for the world now.”

You can listen to “Becoming Human “ Here

We’ve said it before about Rocky Votolato and we will say it again Rocky Votolato is a one in a generation talent who has the amazing ability to craft timeless and meaningful music that is important and memorable.

Photo: April Votolato

You can watch a visual for “Becoming Human” below

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