Timeshares- Limb

Authentic,Gritty,and from the heart are words we would use to describe Philly’s Timeshares and their new album Limb which is out now on Wiretap Records.

If you love music then you will absolutely love Timeshares. They have an amazing ability to craft vivid and memorable songs that provoke thought and intrigue.

The album gets off to a blistering start with the explosive “Dead Birds”one of the things that makes Timeshares so dam good is that they don’t just pin themselves to one particular style or sound . “Dead Birds” has punk rock feel with a pinch of alt-country and boy …. It’s perfect .

On “Siren Sound” there is more of a straight ahead alt-county feel that flows beautifully along side honest reflective lyrics.

You can check out the video for “Siren Sound “ below . It’s a great visual for a great song. It has a very retrospective feel to it .

Our favorite track from “Limb “ has to be “Living Boy “ It’s such an honest and authentic song that grabs at your soul… and the vocal performance is absolutely brilliant you can feel every note just burst through the speakers .

We loved the very spirited “Town of Cats “ this one really had a Son Volt / Wilco kind of feel to it you could feel the enjoyment the band was having when they played this one .

Photo credit Jake Cunningham

We were really taken by the sonic and melodic presence of “Motor City ‘03“ it really show the master musicianship of the band and how strong they are as a unit .

Records get recorded all the time . But, not every record is an “important “ record . “Limb” from Timeshares in our opinion is an important record. The songs are strong vivid well crafted compositions that are relatable and speak directly to your heart soul. Do yourself a favor and let yourself get caught up in the power and beauty of “Limb” from Timeshares you will be glad you did .

You can listen to limb Here

Timeshares is : John Hernandez – Guitar/Vocals, Mike Natoli –Bass/Vocals,Eric Bedell-Drums/Vocals, Maxwell Stern –Guitar/Vocals

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