Track Of The Day – Jockstrap- “What’s It All About “

Today we are starting our day off with a strong cup of coffee and our track of the day by London based duo Jockstrap and their ever enchanting song “What’s It All About “ The track comes from their debut full length record “I Love You Jennifer B “ . Jockstrap consist of Georgia Ellery and Taylor Skye .

If you love music then Jockstrap is like hitting the music lottery . There are so many amazing elements that make up Jockstrap . Some songs are delicate and soothing while others more electronic in nature with a very vibrant feel.

The track that really caught our ear is “What’s It All About “ The song is a big beautiful song that has a very cinematic quality to it. With it’s lush arrangement we can picture it playing out on the silver screen . We were completely captured by the magnificent vocals that gives the track such an elegant feel .

So pour a nice cup of Java and enjoy “What’s It All About “ by Jockstrap . You can listen Here

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