Dancing On Tables – So What

We are absolutely pumped that we get to listen to a new Dancing On Tables single today ! “So What” which is their second single off their upcoming debut album “Colour In The Grey”out October 14th on Enci Records.

’So What’ takes raw and delicate lyrics about the realisation that you would do anything to get an old relationship back, reliving all the mistakes you made and the games that plays with your head, and pairs them with anthemic rock.”

The contrast between the intimate lyrics and heavy sound act as a way to show how, in a world where it feels like it’s not normal for men to talk honestly about their feelings, people find ways to hide what they really want to say. ‘So What’ acts as a mask, allowing someone to say things deep from the heart that they wouldn’t otherwise feel comfortable in saying in a different scenario.

Dancing On Tables are this incredible musical energy and they make music that touches the human soul and heart . And It doesn’t matter what volume it’s at because, at the end of the day great music finds us all .

You can listen to “So What “ Here

You can also check out the video below

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