sunsetto-“On The Side” (ft. Calabasas)

sunsetto is back doing only what he can on his new mint of a single “On The Side” (ft Calabasas) sunsetto gives us vivid and detailed stories thru his signature meldoic flow . sunsetto tapped Los Angeles-based production duo Calabasas – who have previously penned and produced songs for Kanye West, Marc E Bassy and UnoTheActivist – to add their vibey R&B-electronica touch to the track. “Calabasas are two of my favorite artists and producers,” he says. “It was a great session, we made the song in two hours, and it’s a big vibe.

Photo credit: Tiger Saysavanh

sunsetto elaborates on the genesis of the new single: “’on the side’ is meant to be a fun one. ‘If you find somebody new, keep me on the side” is something you never hear. I was thinking about love and possession, the metaphor about picking flowers, and popular sayings like ‘cuffing or claiming.’ I don’t know if the lyric is how I really feel, or how anyone really feels, but it’s fun and light. Like the way things feel at the start of a relationship.

You can listen to “On The Side”Here

We are big fans of sunsetto and the vibe he generates. He is a unique talent who continues to shine brighter and brighter with everything he puts out . We can’t wait for more .

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