Emily Breeze”Ordinary Life”

Sometimes when you least expect it… the universe gives you a gift . This was exactly how we felt when we heard the absolutely brilliant new single the “Ordinary Life” from the equally brilliant and amazing Bristol (UK) based indie noir-pop artist Emily Breeze.

The track was recorded and produced at the legendary Rockfield Studios by Stew Jackson (Massive Attack), mastered by Pete Maher (Pixies, Jack White, The Rolling Stones) and features all star players Rob Norbury (lead guitar), Andy Sutor (drums), Graham Dalzell (bass) and Helen Stanley (synth). It’s a reflection on a gloriously misspent youth and a celebration of the “magic, misery, miracles and monotony that are sewn into the fabric of everyday existence”.

We find Ordinary Life “ to be chock full of honesty,blazing wit and the promise that there are still musicians out there who are at their core are artists. Emily Breeze is a magnificent artist with an amazingly unique style all her own and “Ordinary Life” is a true masterpiece.

Speaking of the inspiration for the song Emily says, “It’s a quest that involves biblical first loves and tragic one night stands, epic all nighters and the quiet desperation that follows as your dreams disperse like the fronds of a dandelion clock in the cold morning air. You blink, two decades have passed and you become the thing you always despised, a three dimensional, functional adult with reasonable expectations… Or perhaps it’s the theme song to the end of a John Hughes movie set twenty years after Prom night, except it’s not prom night, it’s Butlins and Mike Leigh is directing but Simple Minds and Souxsie Sioux are still sparkling in the spotlight, and so are you.”

We hear shades of Lou Reed and Patti Smith but eve more we hear Emily Breeze and that is music to our ears . If it were up to us we’d make her the next poet laureate.

“Ordinary Life” is available today via Sugar Shack Records. You can listen to “Ordinary Life” on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here

Ordinary Life is the opening track to Emily’s third solo album Rapture which she describes as “A collection of coming-of (middle) age stories which celebrate flamboyant failure, excess and acceptance”, due for release January 2023. We absolutely can’t wait !

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